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This page lists all V Blood Carriers. for a list of all non-V Blood enemies, see this page.
V Bloods can be tracked using the Structure BloodAltar.pngInventorySlotBorder.pngBlood Altar.

V Blood Carriers Level Location Region Soul Shard
Alpha Wolf 16 Wolf Den Farbane Woods
Errol the Stonebreaker 20 Bandit Copper Mine Farbane Woods
Keely the Frost Archer 20 Bandit Trapper Camp Farbane Woods
Rufus the Foreman 20 Bandit Logging Camp Farbane Woods
Lidia the Chaos Archer 26 Roads of Farbane Woods Farbane Woods
Goreswine the Ravager 27 Roads of Farbane Woods Farbane Woods
Grayson the Armourer 27 Bandit Armory Farbane Woods
Putrid Rat 30 Vermin Nest Farbane Woods
Clive the Firestarter 30 Bandit Sulphur Quarry Farbane Woods
Polora the Feywalker 34 Gleaming Meadows Farbane Woods
Ferocious Bear 36 Bear Cave Farbane Woods
Quincey the Bandit King 37 Bandit Stronghold Farbane Woods
Nicholaus the Fallen 37 Forgotten Cemetery Farbane Woods
Beatrice the Tailor 38 Dawnbreak Village Dunley Farmlands
Vincent the Frostbringer 40 Dunley Farmlands Dunley Farmlands
Christina the Sun Priestess 44 Dawnbreak Village Dunley Farmlands
Tristan the Vampire Hunter 46 Roads of Farbane Woods Farbane Woods
Leandra the Shadow Priestess 46 Church of the Damned Dunley Farmlands
Terah the Geomancer 48 Bedrock Pass Dunley Farmlands
Meredith the Bright Archer 52 Haunted Iron Mine Dunley Farmlands
Frostmaw the Mountain Terror 56 Hallowed Mountains Hallowed Mountains
Octavian the Militia Captain 58 Bastion of Dunley Dunley Farmlands
Raziel the Shepherd 60 Dunley Monastery Dunley Farmlands
Ungora the Spider Queen 60 Spider Cave Cursed Forest
The Duke of Balaton 62 Swamp of Greed Cursed Forest
Jade the Vampire Hunter 62 Roads of Dunley Farmlands Dunley Farmlands
Foulrot the Soultaker 62 Ancient Village Cursed Forest
Willfred the Werewolf Chief 64 Gloomgrave Village Dunley Farmlands
Mairwyn the Elementalist 64 Emberleaf Grove Silverlight Hills
Azariel the Sunbringer 68 Brighthaven Cathedral Silverlight Hills
Terrorclaw the Ogre 68 Frozen Cave Hallowed Mountains
Morian the Stormwing Matriarch 68 Harpy Nest Silverlight Hills
Matka the Curse Weaver 72 Nest of the Curse Weaver Cursed Forest
Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer 76 Roads of Cursed Forest Cursed Forest
Gorecrusher the Behemoth 78 Lair of the Behemoth Cursed Forest
The Winged Horror 78 The Dreaded Peak Farbane Woods
Solarus the Immaculate 80 Fortress of Light Silverlight Hills